Miah Maull Shoal Lighthouse Delaware Bay NJ

TITLE:  Delaware Bay, N.J. #5 in a series of 7 Lighthouses

CAPTION:   MIAH MAULL SHOAL LIGHTHOUSE derived its strange name from the fact that a man named Nehemiah Maull drowned near the present site in a late 18th century shipwreck.  In 1909, a temporary light shone from the cast iron foundation shell which later that year was partially filled with concrete.  At last – in 1913, the permanent light was exhibited for the 1st time from its 4th order lens which was visible for 15 miles.  Originally painted brown, Miah Maull (by 1941) was “listed” as having a red tower and watch-room, a black lantern room and sitting on a gray base.  During renovation in the early 80’s, the metal canopy covering the walkway was removed by the USCG — “sadly” altering its appearance.  By 1973, Miah Maull was fully automated and is still an active aid to navigation and a favorite fishing spot to many!
PUBLISHER: Published by Sandpiper Photos – Fortescue, NJ
©Photo by CAROLE REILY – “The Lighthouse Lady”
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