Tarrytown (Sleepy Hollow) Light, Hudson River, South of Kingsland

TITLE:  The Hudson River
CAPTION: Lighthouse at Tarrytown, N.Y.
From high in the Adirondacks, the Hudson River flows south between mountainous beauty to the sea, skirting the Catskills of Rip Van Winkle fame, the majestic highlands surrounding West Point, Bear Mt. Park, and the sheer cliffs of the Palisades.  From 1609 when Henry Hudson sailed the “Half Moon”, and Indians paddled birch bark canoes, to the great sloops with sails unfurled against the breeze, to Fulton’s Steamboat in 1807 to the present time, history and mystery which is so much a part of the River has been preserved in story and legend.
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Portland Light Ship, Portland, Maine

Portland Light Ship

TITLE: Portland Lightship
CAPTION: Portland Lightship maintains its lonely vigil off Portland Harbor, Maine.  Anchored in 150 ft. of water, this lightship with its 13,000 candlepower light has provided aid to mariners since 1903.
Aerial Photo by Don Sieburg
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PUBLISHER: Distributed by Eastern Illustrating Co., New London, N.H.
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