Historic Lighthouse Lens from Cape Disappointment

TITLE:  Historic Lighthouse Lens from Cape Disappointment

CAPTION:  Huge Fresnel lens from the Cape Disappointment lighthouse, manufactured in 1822 in France for about $3000.  Lens was lighted with 18 wicks which burned five gallons of oil in a night.  It is estimated it would cost more than $6 million to make another lens like it today.  It is currently on display at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center at Fort Canby.
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Green Bay Harbor Entrance Light, WI

TITLE: Lighthouse at Harbor Entrance, Green Bay, WIS

CAPTION:  This station marks the west side of entrance to dredge channel leading into Green Bay Harbor.  The house is circular, 25 feet in diameter; upper floor divided into rooms for the Keepers.  The light is electric of 6,000 candlepower flashing red every 6 seconds.  The fog signal is a vibrating diaphragm emitting a blast every 20 seconds.
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