We Missed You Greatly

TITLE:   We Missed You Greatly

CAPTION:   The light of our class seems not to beam
So brightly when you are away.
Won’t you hurry back, and add to its gleam?
We’ll look for you next Sunday
Please Come
POSTCARD ID:  Form No. 378
PUBLISHER: ©1925 The Standard Publishing Co., Cincinnati, O.
POSTMARK:  Norwood Ohio MAR 20 1928

Ocracoke Lighthouse NC

TITLE:  Ocracoke Lighthouse

Eastern National Park & Mon. Assoc.
North Carolina
PUBLISHER: The Charles Overly Studio, Sudbury, MA
POSTMARK: Rocky Mount, NC 30 OCT 2003
NOTE: A portion of the card was edited out, as it contained personal information.

Marshall Point Lighthouse, Maine

TITLE:  Marshall Point Light

CAPTION:   Originally built in 1832,.  Marks the eastern boundary of Muscongus Bay and the entrance to Port Clyde Harbor.
Photo by Hastings
POSTCARD ID: M2291 and C36376
PUBLISHER: Pub. by Eastern Illustrating & Publishing, Camden Maine © E.I.P.
POSTMARK: None – Not used postally