Green Bay Harbor Entrance Light, WI

TITLE: Lighthouse at Harbor Entrance, Green Bay, WIS

CAPTION:  This station marks the west side of entrance to dredge channel leading into Green Bay Harbor.  The house is circular, 25 feet in diameter; upper floor divided into rooms for the Keepers.  The light is electric of 6,000 candlepower flashing red every 6 seconds.  The fog signal is a vibrating diaphragm emitting a blast every 20 seconds.
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PUBLISHER:   Published by Bosse’s News Depot, Green Bay, Wis.
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Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, NH


CAPTION: Fort Point Light
New Castle
New Hampshire
Located at the southeast angle of Fort Constitution, Fort Point Light is one of three lighthouses guarding the entrance to Portsmouth Harbor. it was built in 1771, during the term of Governor Wentworth.
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Cape Lookout Lighthouse, North Carolina

TITLE:  Cape Lookout Lighthouse

CAPTION:   Beautiful Cape Lookkout Lighthouse stands proud and tall as it continues to serve as it has served for so many years.  Located to the east of Harkers Island, NC, it is easily seen from the shores of Harkers Island by natives and tourists alike.  Access is available from Barbour Harbour Marina by ferry or your own boat.
PUBLISHER:   dynacolor graphics, inc., Miami, Florida
Photo by Bob Davis, SEABIRD Photography
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Old Point Comfort Light, Hampton Roads, VA

TITLE:  U.S. Battleship Fleet by Night, Hampton Roads, Old Point Comfort, Va.

CAPTION: U.S. Battleship Fleet, Hampton Roads, Old Point Comfort, Va.  Hampton Roads at this point abounds in historic interest and it was here, during the Civil War, that the Monitor and the Merrimac battled for supremacy.
PUBLISHER:  Published by The Chessler Co., Baltimore, Md.
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Lighthouse, Entrance Duluth-Superior Harbor, Duluth, Minn.

TITLE:  Lighthouse, Entrance Duluth-Superior Harbor, Duluth, Minn.

CAPTION: Lighthouse
Entrance Duluth-Superior Harbor
Through this narrow canal, entrance tto the Duluth-Superior Harbor, annually passes more freight tonnage than is handled by any other American port excepting that of New York City.  Iron ore from the great iron ranges lying to the north of Duluth, wheat rom the northwest, meat, butter, eggs and other dairy products, form an important part of this commerce.
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PUBLISHER:  Zenith Interstate News CO., Duluth, Minn.
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