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Not a lot of action here on Sentinel Portraits, and I’m sorry about that.  Have been spending a lot of time listing on our eBay store.  While our store,, is still up and running, you just can’t beat the reach that eBay has.

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Lighthouse, Entrance Duluth-Superior Harbor, Duluth, Minn.

TITLE:  Lighthouse, Entrance Duluth-Superior Harbor, Duluth, Minn.

CAPTION: Lighthouse
Entrance Duluth-Superior Harbor
Through this narrow canal, entrance tto the Duluth-Superior Harbor, annually passes more freight tonnage than is handled by any other American port excepting that of New York City.  Iron ore from the great iron ranges lying to the north of Duluth, wheat rom the northwest, meat, butter, eggs and other dairy products, form an important part of this commerce.
POSTCARD ID:  123-D and 8A-H2966
PUBLISHER:  Zenith Interstate News CO., Duluth, Minn.
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Hooper Strait Lighthouse, Tangier Sound, Maryland

TITLE:  Hooper Strait Lighthouse

CAPTION:  Hooper Strait Lighthouse, located at the northern entrance to Tangier Sound, and the sloop, J.T. Leonard – now permanent exhibits at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, St. Michaels, Md.
PUBLISHER: Drawn an Published by J. B. Moll, Jr., Oxford, MD
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Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse, Baltimore, MD

TITLE: Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse

CAPTION:  The Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse built in 1856, guided ships sailing the Chesapeake Bay before its relocation to Baltimore’s majestic Inner Harbor for restoration by the Living Classrooms Foundation.  Every day, the Foundation’s historic Chesapeake Bay vessels sail with children in challenging hands-on education programs.
PUBLISHER:  Pub. by Traub Co., Baltimore, MD
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Tibbets Point Lighthouse, NY


CAPTION:  Cape Vincent, N.Y.
At the outlet of Lake Ontario and the head of the St. Lawrence River, about three miles from Cape Vincent, was fist built in 1827 and rebuilt in 1854. A circular staircase leads to the light, which is 67 feet above the water and visible for 14 nautical miles.
PUBLISHER: Published by Sterling Wholesale, Gouverneur, N.Y.
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