Classical 4th and 5th Order Fresnel Lenses

TITLE:   Fresnel Lens

CAPTION:  Fresnel Lens:
1. Classical fourth order manufactured by Barbier, Benard & Turenne.
2. Classical fifth order manufactured by L. Sautter & Cie, used in Michigan City lighhoused (sic) 1858-1982.
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Third Order Fresnel Lens, Fairport Harbor Lighthouse, OH

TITLE: Third Order Fresnel Lens, Originally installed at Fairport Harbor Lighthouse.

CAPTION:  The original third order Fresnel Lens was installed in the lighthouse tower in 1858 and is now housed in the Fairport Harbor Maritime Museum.  129 South Street, Fairport Harbor, Ohio, 44077
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Fresnel Lens ~ Twin Lights (Navesink) Lighthouse, NJ

TITLE: South Tower Lens, Twin Lights Lighthouse, Highlands, New Jersey

CAPTION: This “hyper radiant” bivalve lens used an electric arc light and at 25,000,000 candlepower was for many years the most powerful light in the United States.  The light rotated through the night powered by a clockwork Drive would every four hours.
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