Marshall Point Lighthouse, Maine

TITLE:  Marshall Point Light

CAPTION:   Originally built in 1832,.  Marks the eastern boundary of Muscongus Bay and the entrance to Port Clyde Harbor.
Photo by Hastings
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PUBLISHER: Pub. by Eastern Illustrating & Publishing, Camden Maine © E.I.P.
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Just in time for Halloween! Pumpkin Island Light

TITLE: Pumpkin Island Light

 CAPTION:  Discontinued as a Lighthouse PUMPKIN ISLAND, at the west end of Eggemoggin Reach, reflects the morning light.  To the west is Penobscot Bay and Camden hills.
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PUBLISHER: Pub. by Augustus D. Phillips & Son – Northeast Harbor, Maine U.S.A.
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Lobster Point Lighthouse, Marginal Way, Ogunquit, Maine


CAPTION: Shown here is the Lobster Point Light, a section of the rocky coast, and the bathing beach at Ogunquit.
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PUBLISHER: Pub. by Eastern Illustrating & Publishing, Camden, Maine
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