About Us

Sentinel Portraits is a look at lighthouses from around the world, as viewed on the postcards of yesterday and today.  These postcards are part of my personal collection, collected over the past 20-plus years.  Although not every single lighthouse in the world is a part of this collection, there is a great assortment showcasing the different styles, colors and architecture that has been used through the ages.

Generally, cards will be listed in the order I’ve acquired them.  As such, there may be several posts featuring the same lighthouse, or state.

While collecting postcards, you occasionally add duplicates to your collection.  Some of these duplicates will be a part of these pages, because the condition is different; one is unposted and unwritten on and another has a message, stamp and/or postmark, which makes it that much more interesting.

Other duplicates are available for sale for a reasonable cost.  All the postcards I have for sale are available at lighthousepostcards.net.

To see photographs of the lighthouses I have personally visited, please visit Sea The Lights.

To purchase other Lighthouse Gifts (books, License Plates, Coffee Mugs, etc), please visit The Store at Sea The Lights

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